It’s Time for Your Home Inspection

You have found a home that you love and it’s the shiny features that pulled you into the home: granite countertops, gleaming new Kitchen appliances, mosaic tiles in the master bathroom and so on… Now it’s time for your home inspection.

Don’t fall in love too fast.

There’s more to a house than what first meets the eye. You don’t want to be stuck living in a money pit when you thought you were buying something move-in ready.

But how are you supposed to know if a house has foundation problems? Or faulty wiring? Defective piping? What about hidden problems you haven’t even considered? ( Such as buried sewer lines, mold behind walls that have been freshly painted, Radon Gas which you cannot smell… ect. )

Three words: Premier Inspection Services

It’s imperative that you get the house inspected as soon as you sign the purchase agreement, no matter if you’re buying a fixer-upper or brand-new. (Before you sign the contract, make sure the final purchase is contingent on the inspection findings.)

(If you are buying outside of the Kansas City Metro areas see my separate blog for more information about “how to find a good home inspector”). Otherwise see our reviews at Google, FacebookAngie’s List & the Better Business Bureau BBB

When you hire a home inspector, you need to ensure that the inspector isn’t cutting corners, signing off on a job not well done and is looking out for your best interest.

In Kansas & Missouri home inspectors are not required to be licensed with the city or state. Therefore many of the Kansas City home inspectors are part-time inspectors and lack the proper education and experience needed. Not to mention up to date tools / equipment needed to perform a good job and insurance for your protection.

Premier Inspection Services is a full time, full service professional home inspection company with multiple inspectors. Since 2006 Premier Inspection Services has been recommended for home inspections by Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Mortgage / Title Companies, Past Customers and their Friends & Family. Over the years we have performed multiple inspections for many of the same clients due to our high customer satisfaction rate.

A home inspection report can sometimes scare buyers

Sometimes home inspection reports can scare buyers into thinking the home is a lemon when it’s really not. That is why it is important for the buyer to get to know the home and be present while the home inspector performs the inspection. That way at the end of the inspection the inspector can help explain the findings in person providing a better understanding of the conditions noted along with possible ways to make improvements. Also often the inspector will point out maintenance tips that might not make it into the home inspection report.

It’s Your Home Inspection and It’s Your Decision

At the end of the day, the inspector shouldn’t tell you whether you should buy the house. A home inspector is like what a news reporter is supposed to be: objective and reporting just the facts. Few homes yield a perfect inspection. Ultimately, you must decide whether the problems found with the house are deal breakers.

Author: Mark Pence – Premier Inspection Services

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